Kent Partnership

The Kent Partnership

Welcome to the website of the Kent Partnership.
This website provides information about the county-wide local strategic partnership for Kent. The work of the Kent Partnership is complex; this website has been developed to provide easy to read information on how it works as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news and developments.

Community Services

Good Community Security Services and Comfort

Although living in guarded subdivisions can give you the impression of good community security services, when you do not see a guard on duty where guests can easily come in without proper identification, you can conclude that the security is not enough.

Guarded communities may have some imperfections. You do not really need to know who is going to visit you every now and then but guards have do not thoroughly investigate people who come in frequently. Do not even expect that the guard knew everyone in the community. They just cannot easily memorize the faces of the people.

Even if they do, they cannot inspect the bags being carried by people. It is invasion to privacy. There may be burglars in the community but the guards do not usually notice. They mingle with people as if they are among the residents. In fact, some of these burglars have the ability to rent out a place within the community and conduct survey to every household. They come to your house when you less expected it. These burglars can be a member of the community. You need cooperation to be able to have good community security services essex .

Communities with gates may not be protected but can be susceptible to burglars is one of the community members are allegedly a burglar. The installation of security cameras can protect the community. Installing these cameras in the right ...more